Poly EDGE E500 IP Phone (2200-87855-025)


Exceptional audio, seamless connectivity, and user-centric design define Poly Edge E500.

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    Revolutionize Your Workspace with the Poly Edge E500 Series Phones

     Unveiling the epitome of a modern desk phone - the Poly Edge E500 Series, meticulously engineered for both hot-desking environments and home offices. Offering a sublime user experience, this phone series encapsulates a sleek design along with a treasure trove of features, making communication a breeze. With two dynamic displays and 12-line keys at your disposal, connecting with colleagues or clients has never been more elegant and efficient.

    A Masterpiece of Growth and Adaptability: At the heart of the Poly Edge E500 Series is a large, vibrant 5-inch color display, ready to manage up to 48 lines seamlessly. The capability doesn't stop here; the phone can be further enhanced with two additional expansion modules, each supporting up to 66 more contacts, embodying a true workhorse ready to meet the demands of bustling work environments.

    Long-lasting Integrated Protection: Bid farewell to germ-ridden phones with the incorporation of Microban® antimicrobial product protection. This invaluable feature ensures your device stays cleaner, fresher, and retains its aesthetic appeal for a longer period, actively diminishing bacterial growth 24/7.

    Experience Enterprise-grade Audio Quality: Immerse in a realm of crystal-clear audio quality with the Poly HD voice and unique bass frequency enhancing speaker design embedded in the E500 Series. The integration of Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies diligently reduces noise and distractions, ensuring every word is heard with pristine clarity.

    Effortless Interaction with Advanced Features: The 5” color display is your gateway to a host of features, complemented by a surround light status indicator with RGB mixing, making information accessibility a cinch. With 12-line keys, managing up to 48 lines, features, and contacts is a straightforward affair.

    Versatile Connectivity for Modern Workstyles: This series is equipped with two high-speed GigE PoE Ethernet ports, facilitating a robust LAN connection to your IP phone and a passthrough connection to your PC. Additionally, the phone accommodates various headset styles including USB, RJ9, or Electronic Hook Switch, adapting to your unique workstyle[2].

    Accessibility That Matters: The Poly Edge E500 Series underscores the importance of an inclusive user experience with features like text-to-speech, screen color adjustments for color blindness, and larger font settings, ensuring everyone stays connected effortlessly.

    Expand Your Horizons with More Contacts: Elevate your Poly Edge E500 desk phones’ potential with the Poly Edge E expansion modules. Each module brings 22-line keys across 3 pages, adding up to 66 contacts per expansion module. Setting up is a plug-and-play affair, with power and signaling directly managed by the host phone.

    Technical Prowess That Speaks Volumes: Delve into the technical realm of the Poly Edge E500 Series, boasting a plethora of features ranging from a vibrant Color IPS LCD display, superior audio technologies, versatile VoIP and connectivity options, to robust security management. This phone series is a testament to a well-rounded technical masterpiece poised to redefine business communication standards.

    In every box of Poly Edge E500 Series Phones, you will find a setup sheet, a network (LAN) cable-CAT-5E, a desk stand, a console with Microban® Antimicrobial protection, a handset with Microban® Antimicrobial protection, and a handset cord, all ready to set the stage for a transformative communication experience.

    Manufacturer Product Number: 2200-87855-025

    Welcome to a new age of communication where efficiency meets elegance, only with the Poly Edge E500 Series Phones.

    This comprehensive description endeavors to provide a clear and detailed insight into the Poly Edge E500 Series Phones, encapsulating its aesthetic appeal, functional prowess, and technical specifications. Whether it’s the home office or a hot-desking scenario, this phone series is equipped to deliver an unparalleled communication experience.

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