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Mobile Device Compatibility Guidelines

VoIP International is dedicated to offering our customers a seamless and dependable mobile experience. To ensure the delivery of top-quality service, we've implemented the following policy regarding supported devices on our network. If a device meets the criteria outlined in our supported device policy but still encounters issues with the VoIP International service, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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Apple has introduced support for VoIP International beginning with iOS 15.4.


  • iOS 15.4 or later. Recommended: iOS 17.1 or later
  • iPhone XR or later. iPhone 12 or later is recommended when VoIP International is used as a second SIM.
  • Supported on US and Global iPhone models only.


  • VoLTE must be manually enabled.
  • MMS is not supported on older iPhone models with VoIP International used as a second SIM: iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 11, and older devices.


Google has introduced support for VoIP International on Pixel devices starting with Android 13 March 2023 update.


  • Android 13 with March 2023 update or later.
  • Pixel 6 and later.


  • Pixel 6a and 7a are not recommended for international roamers.


Samsung has introduced support for VoIP International across several device classes running Android 13 and OneUI 5.1.



  • None.

Device Configuration

  • Devices must NOT be locked to a specific mobile service provider. If the device is locked, please contact your mobile provider for unlocking guidance. Click here to find links to some mobile provider’s unlock instructions.
  • VoLTE MUST be enabled manually on some devices such as Apple iPhones.


  • Devices that were originally locked to an MNO may not work with VoIP International.
  • CDMA-based devices are not supported (ex. devices that originated on the former Sprint network).
  • Devices purchased outside of your home territory may not work with VoIP International.

Samsung UK/European Supported Devices:

  • Model variants: Samsung unlocked “B” and “B/DS” models; (but not W, N, E, 0)
  • OS: Android 13/OneUI 5.1 or above
  • SW/CSC: Only “BTU/EUX” or “EUX/EUX” non-carrier software; not carrier versions
    like “EVR/EVR”
  • SIM: VoIP International version P3 or later

Samsung UK/European Supported Device List


A04s A52 5G S22
A13 A53 5G S22 ULTRA
A13 5G A54 5G S22+
A14 4G A71 S23
A14 5G A805 S23 ULTRA
A21s Bloom S23+
A22 5G Note 10 Lite Xcover Pro
A23 5G Note20 XCover5
A32 5G S10 Lite XCover6 Pro
A33 5G S20 Flip 5G
A34 5G S20 FE Flip3 5G
A41 S21 Flip4 5G
A42 5G S21 FE Fold3 5G
A51 4G S21 ULTRA Fold4 5G
A51 5G S21+

Samsung US Supported Devices:

  • Model variants: Carrier-locked “U” models and Samsung unlocked “U1” models
  • OS: Android 13/OneUI 5.1 or above)
  • SW/CSC: ONLY non-carrier (U1) software showing CSC code XAA in the SP s/w version, like “XAA/XAA” are confirmed with Samsung
  • SIM: VoIP International version P3 or later

Samsung US Supported Device List


A14 5G S21 Xcover Pro
A23 5G S21 ULTRA XCover6 Pro
A32 5G S21+ Flip 5G
A42 5G S22 Flip3 5G
A51 5G S22 ULTRA Flip4 5G
A52 5G S22+ Fold3 5G
A53 5G S23 Fold4 5G
A54 5G S23 ULTRA
S21 FE S23+

Device Unlocking Guide:

Below are some helpful links provided by mobile operators for unlocking mobile devices. Click on the provider of your mobile device to access information on unlocking.

Helpful Links



Rest of the World

AT&T EE Orange (France)
Verizon O2
T-Mobile Vodafone


If your device is not on the list, we can explore the possibility of adding it to VoIP International's supported devices. 

Please check this page regularly for updates on device support.