EVERY Business and Institution uses the Phone to communicate with the public. The question is how effective are their communications? Are they using all of the features available to them? Do they even know all of the features that their phone system has? VoIP International has discovered that by simply asking the right questions during the on boarding process can go a long way in answering these questions. By combining Enterprise Class Business Phone Service with Friendly, Personal Customer Service and Support Including Unlimited Training, VoIP International becomes more than just your Phone Company, We become your Phone Partner.

A Phone Partner is someone that cares about how your service works. From ensuring redundant (backup) systems are in place to recommending suitable Fail-over options in case of local internet outages at your location. VoIP International loves to even go one step further by custom crafting your service to meet your business needs. “Thinking-outside-the-Box” is how we separate ourselves from the competition. There is NO “One-Size-Fits-All” solution for every different business on the Planet. What works for one Company or Industry might not be necessary for another Business. VoIP International recognizes this and with our team of in-house engineers we implement custom solutions differently for every Customer.

Managing extensions and features becomes easy with VoIP International’s online portal. It’s so easy you can do it yourself of just take advantage of our unlimited support and service and have us make any changes on your behalf.

Feel free to download our Free Mobile App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This App allows your desk phone extension to work on your smart phone. Easily transfer calls to your mobile phone while on a call. Make calls from your mobile phone but show your office line on the caller ID.

Our Online Fax portal allows you to send and receive faxes either to the portal or the email of your choice. But, If you want to still use your stand alone Fax machine as well we offer a Fax adapter that will allow you to use your Fax Machine directly. Ask our agents how!

If you currently are using a VoIP System, Allow VoIP International to complete a free feature and pricing comparison. You may very well discover the many advantages to switching your phone service to VoIP International.

If you are still using a Legacy (POTS) Analog older premise based phone  PBX then the savings become significant by switching to VoIP. We have seen savings from Analog lines to VoIP upwards of 50% to 70% of you phone bill. There are also strong security and disaster recovery benefits by switching to VoIP as well.

Contact us today for a quote. Our agents are standing by.