Poly EDGE E100 IP Phone (2200-86980-025)


Poly Edge E100: Modern desk phone offering connectivity, superior audio, sleek design, and user-centric features.

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    Poly EDGE E100 IP Phone

    Introducing the Poly Edge E100 IP Desk Phone, a beacon of hybrid work facilitation. This sleek desk phone embodies the essence of connectivity with its two-line keys, offering an array of ways to connect while enveloped in a design that's as sharp as it is functional. The Poly Edge E100 doesn't just stop at facilitating communication; it elevates it, thanks to the unbeatable audio quality it brings to the table.

    Marrying Poly's renowned noise reduction technology with a cutting-edge design, the Poly Edge E100 stands as a epitome of perfect user experience. Every call is a clear conversation waiting to happen, devoid of the common disturbances that plague typical phone communications.

    The feature-rich nature of the Poly Edge E100 is nothing short of impressive. It comes equipped with text-to-speech functionality and antimicrobial protection, features that you never realized were indispensable until now. This isn't just a phone; it's a guardian of your communication and health.

    Designed to adapt to businesses of any size, the Poly Edge E100 is versatile. With 2-line keys that can support up to 8-lines, features, and contacts, it's ready to handle the bustling communication needs of your business. The signature Poly HD voice ensures every conversation is crystal clear, while the Poly NoiseBlockAI and Poly Acoustic Fence technologies work tirelessly to keep the distracting noises at bay.

    The bright 2.8” color IPS LCD display is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it also enhances usability, making navigating through the phone's features a breeze. Plus, with the new accessibility options, the Poly Edge E100 becomes an inclusive choice for diverse work environments.

    In every aspect, the Poly Edge E100 IP Desk Phone is more than just a phone; it's a statement of style and a leap toward future-ready communication solutions. Its blend of aesthetic appeal, audio clarity, and user-centric features makes it the desk phone that doesn’t just keep up with the demands of modern workspaces, but also sets a new standard for what a desk phone can be. This is the phone that doesn’t just sit on your desk; it stands out, making a statement of efficiency, style, and futuristic functionality, ready to usher your organization into the new era of communication.

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