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VoIP International's Microsoft Teams Integrator

We offer a wide range of features that can significantly benefit our customers in various ways. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams, this solution streamlines communication and collaboration for businesses.

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Familiar Interface

The integration with Microsoft Teams allows users to access VoIP features within an interface they are already comfortable with. This minimizes the learning curve, increasing productivity and simplifying user adoption. 

Integrated to Other Microsoft Products

Being a part of the Microsoft ecosystem, this solution works seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive. This ensures a smooth workflow and boosts efficiency across the organization.

Already Part of Their Processes

Many organizations already use Microsoft Teams as part of their daily operations. By integrating VoIP International's services, they can enhance processes without the need to introduce new tools or change established routines.

Superior Support

VoIP International offers dedicated customer support to ensure smooth implementation, onboarding and troubleshooting. This guarantees a seamless experience for our customers.

Customized Solutions

VoIP International's integrator can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different businesses, ensuring that each customer receives a solution that best fits their unique needs.

Trusted Experts

VoIP International has a team of experts with extensive experience in the field, ensuring customers receive top-notch service and support throughout their partnership.

A Single Bill

By consolidating all services under one provider, customers can simplify their billing and reduce administrative burdens.

Extension Dialing, Advanced Call Routing and Analytics Recording

These features enhance call management, allowing organizations to direct calls efficiently, analyze call data and improve overall communication. 

Contact Center (agent) and Contact Center (manager)

These features enable businesses to effectively manage their customer support operations, ensuring streamlined communication and quicker issue resolution.


The transcription feature converts spoken words into written text, facilitating efficient documentation and analysis of calls.

Disaster Recovery

In case of any unforeseen events, VoIP International ensures that the communication system remains functional, minimizing downtime and maintaining business continuity.

QoS Monitoring

Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring allows businesses to maintain optimal call quality and performance, ensuring a consistently positive experience for all users.


VoIP International's integrator supports mobile access, allowing employees to stay connected and collaborate from any location.

And Much More

The features listed above are just a sample of the many benefits that VoIP International's Teams integrator offers its customers. By leveraging these features, businesses can optimize their communication and collaboration efforts, leading to increased productivity and growth.

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