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Pro Call Center PBX Extension Features

VoIP International offers advanced call center management features designed to optimize customer service, improve agent performance, and enhance overall call center efficiency. Here's how VoIP International can help their customers with the following features: 

SLA (Service Level Agreement) and Callback Statistics

Tracks and analyzes key performance indicators.
Ensures compliance with service level targets.

Call Back Option for Customers Not Willing to Wait

Offers a call-back feature for customers in the queue.
Ensures no calls are lost and enhances customer satisfaction.

Log Agents In and Out of Queues

Allows for effective agent allocation and queue management.
Optimizes agent availability for efficient call handling.

Call Distribution Strategies: Round Robin, Hunt by Threes, Random & Prioritized

Efficiently routes incoming calls among available agents.
Reduces customer wait times and improves service quality.

Call Back - Maintaining Queue Position

Enables customers to hang up yet retain their place in the queue.
Customers receive a callback when an agent becomes available.

Listen In Feature

Allows managers to discreetly monitor live agent-caller interactions.
Provides insights for quality assurance and agent performance.

Whisper Coaching

Enables managers to guide and coach agents during live calls.
The caller is unaware of the coaching, enhancing agent training.

Barge In for Call Management

Allows managers to intervene and take over a call if necessary.

Ensures high-quality customer service and resolves issues promptly.

VoIP International Call Center

By implementing these advanced call center management features, VoIP International helps businesses optimize their call center operations, improve agent performance, and deliver exceptional customer service.

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