Poly EDGE E Expansion Module (2200-87020-025)


Expand Poly Edge phones, streamline call handling, effortlessly manage contacts.

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    Empower Your Communication Console with the Poly Edge E Expansion Module

    Introducing the Poly Edge E Expansion Module, a game-changing extension to your Poly Edge Series phones designed to offer a seamless call management experience. This expansion module is crafted for the fast-paced business environment where every call counts, ensuring you stay ahead with easy tracking and quicker call handling.

    Key Benefits:

    1. Clear Call Activity Tracking:

      • With a 5-inch color LCD screen, tracking call activity becomes effortless and efficient.
      • Enjoy a high-resolution display (480x800 pixel resolution) that ensures clarity at a glance.
    2. Extended Contact Management:

      • Get more contacts at your fingertips with 22-line keys across 3 pages — upscaling to 66 contacts per expansion module.
      • The easy-to-navigate pages ensure quick access to essential contacts, enhancing your communication efficiency.
    3. Cost-effective Attendant Solution:

      • Seamlessly integrate with all Poly Edge E400, E450, E500, and E550 phones, transforming them into a high-performing attendant console.
      • The potential to plug up to 2 modules (for E500 and E550 phones) allows for an expanded call handling capability.
    4. Plug-and-Play Setup:

      • Enjoy a hassle-free installation with a plug-and-play setup.
      • Powering and signaling are conveniently provided by the Poly Edge E400/E500 Series host phone, making the setup process a breeze.


    • Display: 5-inch color IPS LCD (480x800 pixel resolution).
    • Feature Keys: 22 multifunctional line keys per page configurable for various functions such as line registrations, enhanced feature keys, call appearances, contacts, speed dials, and busy lamp fields.
    • Expandability: Attach one Expansion Module to a Poly Edge E400 or E450, and up to two Expansion Modules to a Poly Edge E500 or E550 for an extended contact management solution.
    • Feature Support: Embrace a range of features including additional line registrations, shared call appearance, bridged line appearance, call transfer, busy lamp field, speed dial, fully programmable line appearances, and a multilingual user interface driven from the host phone.

    Optimize Your Call Handling:

    The Poly Edge E Expansion Module is engineered to accelerate your call handling efficiency. The large, high-resolution 5-inch screen coupled with programmable line keys enables you to manage calls and contacts swiftly. With up to 66 possible contacts per module, managing a large volume of calls is now simpler and faster.

    Simple to Use:

    Ease of use is at the core of the Poly Edge E Expansion Module. With intuitive controls and a simple plug-and-play setup, ramping up your call handling capacity is instant. The Poly Edge E400 & E500 Series phones host the module, providing all necessary power and signaling, ensuring a smooth integration.

    Contact Management Reimagined:

    Expand your phone's capabilities effortlessly. Each module displays 3 pages of 22 lines/contacts with dedicated keys, providing a total of 66 more contacts. And if you're using a Poly Edge E500 series phone, plug two modules to expand your contact list by up to 132 entries.

    In conclusion, the Poly Edge E Expansion Module is not just an extension; it's an upgrade to your communication console. Its user-centric design and easy installation make it a valuable addition to any fast-paced business environment aiming for optimized call handling and enhanced customer interaction.

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