Poly EDGE E450 IP Phone (2200-87030-001)


Poly Edge E450: Bridging stylish design with robust communication. WITH POWER SUPPLY.

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    Unveiling the Poly Edge E450 IP Desk Phone 2200-87030-001: A Convergence of Style, Functionality, and Future-Ready Features

    In today's evolving workspace, the demand for seamless and efficient communication tools is ever-growing. Enter the Poly Edge E450 IP Desk Phone 2200-87030-001, a member of the esteemed Poly Edge E series, meticulously designed to ease the transition into hybrid working environments whether in hot-desking setups or home offices. With certifications from VoIP International & NetSapiens, this desk phone isn't just a device; it's your reliable companion in navigating the modern communication landscape.

    Key Features of the Poly Edge E450 IP Desk Phone 2200-87030-001:

    1. Multi-Line Handling:

      • Effortlessly manage your calls with 8-line keys that support up to 32 lines, features, and contacts. Your bustling communication needs are well catered to.
    2. Speed Dialing and Contacts Access:

      • With a second integrated display hosting 6 keys, accessing 12-speed dials and contacts is a breeze. It's all about making your interaction swift and straightforward.
    3. Expansion Module Compatibility:

    4. Bluetooth® Connectivity:

      • Integrated Bluetooth® in the E450 model allows for easy pairing with your mobile phone or headset, creating a seamless transition between devices.
    5. Enhanced Accessibility:

      • Features like text-to-speech, screen color adjustments for color blindness, and bigger font settings ensure an inclusive user experience.
    6. Audio Clarity:

      • Immerse in conversations with the signature Poly HD voice and a bass frequency enhancing speaker design. Every conversation is clear, crisp, and comprehensible.
    7. Noise Reduction Technologies:

      • The incorporated Poly NoiseBlockAI and Poly Acoustic Fence technologies work tirelessly to minimize background noise, ensuring your conversations remain uninterrupted and clear.
    8. USB Port Flexibility:

      • A versatile USB port awaits for headsets, expansion modules, or charging devices. It's all about creating a conducive communication hub right on your desk.
    9. Wi-Fi Capability:

      • The E450 comes with Wi-Fi, making installations in home offices or hard-to-cable locations straightforward.
    10. Antimicrobial Protection:

      • With integrated Microban® antimicrobial protection, your phone stays cleaner for longer, a feature that's as thoughtful as it is essential in today's world.
    11. Certifications:

      • Being VoIP International & NetSapiens certified, the Poly Edge E450 stands as a testament to quality and reliability in fostering smooth and efficient communication channels.

    The Poly Edge E450 IP Desk Phone 2200-87030-001 isn't just about meeting your communication needs; it's about exceeding them, setting a new benchmark in what a desk phone can do. With each feature meticulously thought out, this phone doesn't just keep up with the demands of modern workspaces; it sets a new standard, making a statement of efficiency, style, and futuristic functionality. Welcome to a new era of communication, facilitated by the Poly Edge E450 IP Desk Phone 2200-87030-001.

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