​​Yealink YHS36 Mono - 1308020 (YEA-YHS36-MONO)


Comfortable, clear audio, noise-cancelling, compatible with Yealink IP phones.

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    Yealink YHS36 Mono

    Introducing the Yealink YHS36 Mono, a remarkable over-the-head style headset, meticulously designed for office professionals, SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) individuals, or call center staff. This distinctive headset comes with a Quick Disconnect (QD) feature, ensuring a seamless integration with the comprehensive range of Yealink enterprise IP phones. The YHS36 Mono isn’t just a headset, it’s a gateway to enhanced communication, enabling you to immerse in conversations effortlessly, reducing listening fatigue, and effortlessly achieving your concentration zone.

    Its splendid audio performance stands out, delivering crisp and clear sound, making every conversation pleasant and effective. The noise-cancelling microphone is a boon in noisy environments, filtering out background sounds, thus ensuring your voice is heard clear and loud.

    Now, let’s talk comfort - a crucial factor especially when the headset is worn all day. The YHS36 Mono shines brightly in this aspect, courtesy of its ergonomic design. The soft leather ear cushions are a delight to the ears, providing a comfortable snug fit, making it agreeable for prolonged use.

    Compatibility is never a concern with the YHS36 Mono. It's perfectly harmonized with Yealink IP Phones, making it a plug-and-play accessory, ready to enhance your communication experience right out of the box.

    Aesthetic, light, and fashioned with ultra-lightweight materials, this headset is anything but burdensome. The bio-mimetic protein-based leather ear cushions not only add to the comfort but are gentle on your skin. The over-the-head style is classic yet contemporary, making it a stylish addition to your professional attire.

    The optimized audio quality and the enriched functionalities of the YHS36 Mono are tailored not just for clear conversations, but for a superior communication experience. Whether you are in a bustling office, a busy call center, or a quiet home office, the Yealink YHS36 Mono is your go-to choice for unexcelled communication.

    Core Features at a Glance:

    • Exceptional audio performance for crystal clear conversations
    • All-day wearing comfort thanks to soft leather ear cushions
    • Seamless compatibility with Yealink IP Phones
    • Noise-Cancelling Microphone to filter out background noises
    • Enhanced audio quality with optimized functionalities
    • Classic over-the-head style with ultra-lightweight materials
    • Gentle and comfortable bio-mimetic protein-based leather ear cushions

    In a world where clear communication is paramount, the Yealink YHS36 Mono is not just a headset, it's your companion for professional and effective conversations.

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