​Yealink YHS34 Lite Mono - 1308028 (YEA-YHS34-LITE-MONO)


Lightweight, clear audio, comfortable, Yealink compatible, noise-canceling headset.

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    Yealink YHS34 Lite Mono Wired Headset

    The Yealink YHS34 Lite Mono headset is designed with the needs of office professionals, home office workers, and call center staff in mind. This over-the-head style headset comes with a Quick Disconnect (QD) feature, ensuring seamless compatibility with the entire range of Yealink enterprise IP phones.

    Available in both monaural (YHS34 Lite Mono) and binaural (YHS34 Lite Dual) versions, the YHS34 Lite is an expertly crafted analog wired headset that promises crystal clear audio for all your communication needs. Its lightweight design ensures you stay comfortable, even when you wear it throughout the day - making it a reliable choice for individuals who spend a good chunk of their time in voice communications.

    Key Highlights:

    • Remarkable Audio Clarity: Engage in crisp and clear conversations every time.
    • Wear it All Day: Designed for comfort, making long wearing a breeze.
    • Seamless Integration: Perfectly compatible with Yealink IP Phones for a plug-and-play experience.
    • Noise-Canceling Microphone: Filters out background noise for clearer conversations.
    • Light as Air: The YHS34 Lite is 10%-30% lighter compared to other headsets, making it a comfortable choice for daily use.

    Indulge in excellent audio performance and all-day wearing comfort with the Yealink YHS34 Lite Mono. It's not just a headset, it's your go-to communication companion for clear and comfortable conversations.

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