Yealink VCM38 - 1306061 (YEA-VCM38)

The VCM38 is an advanced ceiling microphone featuring an 8-microphone array for 360-degree voice pickup, Beamforming technology for optimized voice capture, and echo cancellation with noise proof technology. It covers 40 square meters per unit, supports up to 8 units together, and is ideal for enhancing audio quality in various settings.

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    VCM38 - Ceiling Microphone Array

    Feature One

    Introducing the VCM38, a pinnacle of innovation in ceiling microphone technology. This device, a testament to advanced engineering, transforms auditory experiences across various environments. It boasts a constellation of eight integrated microphones, each strategically positioned for omnidirectional sound capture, ensuring every utterance is comprehensively seized. The VCM38's hallmark is its unparalleled voice clarity, augmented by a superior echo cancellation system and Yealink's cutting-edge noise-proof technology.

    Feature Two

    The ingenuity of the VCM38 extends beyond simple voice capture; it ventures into futuristic realms with its Beamforming technology. This sophisticated attribute enables the VCM38 to intuitively identify the speaker's location, thereby optimizing voice capture dynamically. Each word is not merely recorded but is also elevated, ensuring fluidity in conversations and eliminating common disruptions typical in standard microphone systems.

    Feature One

    A notable characteristic of the VCM38 is its extensive coverage. A solitary unit can envelop an area of 40 square meters, rendering it an exceptional choice for both conventional and expansive meeting spaces. In larger areas, the VCM38's scalability shines, allowing the integration of up to eight units in a unified system. This feature ensures impeccable sound quality throughout every corner of the space, irrespective of its dimensions.

    Feature Two

    Ultimately, the VCM38 transcends being a mere microphone. It embodies a sophisticated, intelligent auditory system, crafted to revolutionize acoustic interactions. Be it a pivotal board meeting or an engaging seminar, the VCM38 emerges as a paragon of sound clarity and technological advancement, assuring that every spoken word is conveyed with precision and consistency.

    Core Features:

    Ensemble of 8 microphone arrays
    Frequency response range: 100Hz~16KHz
    Sensitivity level: -45dB±1dB @ 1KHz (0dB = 1V/Pa)
    Signal-to-noise ratio: 60dBA @ 1KHz
    Maximum sound pressure capacity: 100dB SPL @ 1KHz, THD<1%
    Omnidirectional voice capture
    Optima HD voice quality
    Bicolor LED indicator
    Capability to integrate up to 8 units in one system

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