Yealink UH36 Mono UC USB-C - 1308061 (YEA-UH36-MONO-UC-USBC)

Yealink UH36: Superior audio, noise-canceling, easy management, lasting comfort

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    Yealink UH36 Mono UC USB-C Wired Headset

    The Yealink UH36 Mono UC USB-C is a top-tier wired headset designed to enhance conversations, ensuring you stay immersed and alert while minimizing listener fatigue. Paired with the Yealink USB Connect software and the Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, managing and updating one or multiple UH36 Mono UC USB-C headsets becomes a breeze.

    Core Features:

    • Effortless and Adaptable Connectivity
    • Microphone with Noise-Canceling Capabilities
    • Peerless Audio Clarity
    • Comfort for All-Day Use
    • Superior Durability
    • Integrated Volume Synchronization and Multi-Call Control.

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