Yealink UH34 SE Mono UC USB-C - 1308036 (YEA-UH34-SE-MONO-UC-USBC)

Professional USB-C headset with superior audio and comfort.

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    The Yealink UH34 SE Mono UC USB-C comes in both monaural (UH34 Mono) and binaural (UH34 Dual) configurations. This professional USB-C headset delivers pristine audio clarity. Designed with comfort in mind, the UH34/UH34 Lite's lightweight design ensures it's easy to wear throughout the workday. Ideal for professionals who rely on headsets for clear communication, this device is complemented by the Yealink USB Connect software and Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, simplifying the process of accessing device details and firmware updates for the UH34 series.

    Core Features:

    • USB-C Interface
    • Seamless connectivity options
    • Direct integration capabilities
    • Superior audio clarity
    • Comfort for extended wear
    • UH34 Lite offers a weight advantage, being 10%-30% lighter than competitors
    • High-quality speaker with an independent cavity for optimal sound
    • Equipped with a noise-canceling microphone and passive noise reduction

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