Yealink W70B - 1302017 (YEA-SIP-W70B)

Yealink W70B: Seamless mobility, robust performance, streamlined communications.

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    Yealink W70B 

    Introducing the Yealink W70B, a DECT IP base station tailored for small to medium-sized businesses aiming for enhanced communication mobility and flexibility. The W70B is your go-to hub for eliminating wiring hassles and extra costs, seamlessly pairing with up to 10 Yealink DECT handsets including W73H, W56H, W59R, CP930W, and the color screen DDPhone (T54W+DD10K).

    With a robust chip at its core, the W70B guarantees superior performance, supporting up to 10 VoIP accounts and managing 20 simultaneous calls with ease. It's designed to accelerate startup and signal connection, offering a hassle-free upgrade experience with minimal downtime, thanks to its No Perception Upgrade feature.

    Here's a snapshot of the core features the Yealink W70B brings to your business:

    • Manage up to 20 simultaneous calls, ensuring smooth communication during busy hours.
    • Pair with up to 10 DECT cordless handsets, facilitating mobility within your workspace.
    • Support for up to 10 SIP accounts, allowing diversified VoIP services.
    • Enhanced audio quality with Opus audio codec support, ensuring clear conversations.
    • Noise Reduction System to minimize background noise for better communication.
    • Advanced security with TLS and SRTP encryption, safeguarding your communication data.
    • No Perception Upgrade for a seamless upgrade experience with minimal downtime.
    • New endpoint support for W73H, alongside perfect compatibility with W53H, W56H, W59R, CP930W, and color screen DDPhone (T54W+DD10K). Notably, the No Perception Upgrade feature is exclusive to W73H and W59R handsets due to their performance capabilities.

    With the Yealink W70B, elevate your business communication by embracing mobility, improved audio quality, and hassle-free upgrades, all bundled in a robust and reliable DECT IP base station.

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