Yealink SIP-T53W - 1301087 (YEA-SIP-T53W)

Busy professionals' phone, adjustable screen, versatile connectivity, user-friendly design.

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    Yealink SIP-T53W Prime Business Phone

    Discover the Yealink SIP-T53W, a specially crafted Prime Business Phone ideal for busy executives and professionals seeking an effortless communication solution. This user-friendly phone features a 3.7-inch adjustable graphical LCD, which allows you to easily find the most comfortable viewing angle based on your personal and environmental preferences.

    Key Features:

    1. Adjustable Display:

      • Revel in the clarity of a 3.7" 360x160-pixel graphical LCD with backlighting, ensuring a clear view of your phone's interface.
      • The adjustable LCD screen caters to different viewing needs, promoting a user-centric experience.
    2. Wireless Connectivity:

      • Stay ahead with modern wireless technology thanks to the built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), ensuring seamless connectivity and a step into the wireless age.
    3. USB 2.0 Port:

    4. VoIP and Network Capabilities:

      • Manage up to 12 VoIP accounts for diversified communication requirements.
      • The dual-port Gigabit Ethernet ensures high-speed network connectivity, while PoE support simplifies power management.
    5. HAC Handset:

      • The HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) handset ensures clear communication, catering to different auditory needs.
    6. Efficient Design:

      • Embrace a paperless label design that is not only eco-friendly but also modern and sleek.
      • The wall-mountable feature provides flexibility in installation, saving desk space and allowing for optimal positioning.
    7. Productivity-Boosting:

      • The Yealink SIP-T53W is not just a phone; it's a productivity powerhouse designed to enhance desktop efficiency, proving to be a valuable asset in busy work environments.

    The Yealink SIP-T53W is a remarkable blend of style, functionality, and forward-thinking technology, poised to be a reliable companion in achieving seamless communication and heightened productivity in the modern professional landscape.

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