Yealink CAM50 - 1300013 (YEA-CAM50)

Easy-to-use HD camera add-on for Yealink SIP-T58 IP Phones.

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    Yealink CAM50 HD Camera

    The Yealink CAM50 epitomizes a blend of simplicity and functionality, elevating your video communication encounters. With its straightforward installation, requiring merely a connection to the USB port on your T58W Pro phone, you'll be video-call ready swiftly. The inclusion of a privacy shutter is considerate, offering an easy switch to control video visibility for added privacy. The camera angle's adjustability facilitates a more captivating and encompassing video call interaction. Crafted to be your quintessential office ally, the Yealink CAM50 ensures prompt and effective engagement in video communications straight from your desktop phone.

    Core Features:

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