Yealink BTH58 - 1300005 (YEA-BTH58)

Smart business Wireless Bluetooth Handset HD audio, video, seamless mobility.

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    Yealink BTH58 Wireless Bluetooth Handset

    The Yealink BTH58 wireless Bluetooth handset, utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 technology, facilitates a communicative range of up to 10 meters, enhancing your mobility. Paired with the Yealink T58W it empowers you to roam—whether to retrieve documents or grab a coffee—while staying connected, thereby elevating your work efficiency and flexibility. Thanks to its HD speaker and microphone, the BTH58 encapsulates an unrivaled call experience. A notable anti-packet loss rate of 10% ensures call stability, preserving the clarity and fidelity of voice quality throughout your conversation.

    Core Features:

    • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
    • Bluetooth Sampling Rate: 16K
    • Communication Distance: Up to 10m
    • HD Speaker, HD Microphone for pristine audio quality
    • Dedicated Pick Up/Hang Up button for ease of use
    • Volume +/- Button for audio control
    • Mute Button to ensure privacy when needed
    • Standby Time: 46 hours for extended readiness
    • Talk Time: 17 hours for prolonged conversations
    • Charging Time: 2.5 hours for quick replenishment
    • Applicable Model: T58W Pro seamless compatibility

    Experience a blend of mobility, clear communication, and enhanced work efficacy with the Yealink BTH58 wireless Bluetooth handset.

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