Generation 2 Microphone. Optimal Sound Solution for Video Conferencing Rooms

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    Yealink VCM36-W: A Cutting-Edge Wireless Microphone for Enhanced Video Conferencing

    The Yealink VCM36-W is a state-of-the-art wireless microphone designed to revolutionize audio capture in video conferencing systems. Tailored for medium to large meeting spaces, this device offers superior voice pickup and clarity, ensuring every participant is heard distinctly.

    Key Components:

    6-Meter 360° Voice Pickup for Complete Room Coverage

    The VCM36-W is equipped with a built-in 3-microphone array and a sophisticated Yealink self-developed algorithm. This combination enables a remarkable 20ft (6m) and 360° voice pickup range, ensuring that every voice in the room is captured clearly and accurately, regardless of the speaker's position.

    Advanced Noise Proof Technology for Crystal-Clear Audio

    With Yealink’s Noise Proof Technology, the VCM36-W efficiently filters out environmental noise up to 90 decibels. This feature guarantees that the audio delivered during conferences is crisp, clear, and free of distracting background noises.

    Wireless Technology for Unparalleled Flexibility

    The VCM36-W is designed with user-friendly wireless technology. Once paired with the meeting room devices, there's no need to worry about connecting cables or configuring multiple units. This wireless design not only simplifies the deployment process but also provides the flexibility to place and use the microphone as needed in various meeting scenarios.

    Optimal HD Voice for Enhanced Audio Quality

    This microphone delivers Optimal HD Voice quality, ensuring that every word is conveyed with exceptional clarity and naturalness, contributing to more productive and engaging meetings.

    Full-Duplex Technology for Simultaneous Speaking

    The VCM36-W incorporates Full-Duplex technology, allowing for simultaneous speaking and listening without audio cutouts or echoes. This feature ensures smooth and uninterrupted conversations, mimicking a natural face-to-face interaction.

    Capacitive Mute Touchpad for Easy Control

    The device includes a capacitive mute touchpad, providing users with a convenient and quick way to mute or unmute the microphone, an essential feature for maintaining meeting etiquette and privacy.

    Secure WiFi Technology

    Equipped with WiFi technology and supporting WPA2/AES128 Encryption, the VCM36-W ensures a secure and stable wireless connection, safeguarding the confidentiality of your communications.

    Expansion Mic Compatibility

    The VCM36-W can seamlessly work with built-in microphones, enhancing its capability to cover larger spaces and accommodate more participants.

    In conclusion, the Yealink VCM36-W wireless microphone is an innovative solution for video conferencing systems, especially suited for medium and large meeting rooms. Its combination of 360° voice pickup, noise proof technology, wireless convenience, and high-definition audio quality makes it a top choice for businesses seeking to enhance their meeting experiences with superior sound clarity and flexibility.

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