Standard Pro vFAX 300

Ideal for basic users; send/receive up to 300 pages monthly.

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    Simplify Your Faxing Needs with our Standard Use Pro vFAX 300

    In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficiency and reliability in communication are paramount. Our updated Standard Pro vFAX 300 service is expertly designed for basic users who require a dependable, feature-rich online fax solution. Ideal for individuals or small businesses, this service now supports enhanced capabilities to manage moderate faxing needs without the hassle of traditional methods.

    Updated Features:

    • Increased Monthly Capacity: Now send and receive up to 300 pages per month, perfectly suited to the evolving faxing demands of individuals and small businesses. This increase ensures you have the capacity needed for regular communications, maintaining cost-effectiveness.

    • Multi-User Access: Includes licenses for two users with the option to add more at just $3.00 per additional user. This makes it a versatile choice for growing teams.

    • Seamless Email Integration: Harmonize effortlessly with your existing email setup to send and receive faxes directly from your email, simplifying your workflow by integrating familiarity with innovation.

    • Enhanced Security: With HIPAA and PCI compliance availability, our service ensures that your sensitive information is securely transmitted. Robust encryption and secure data protocols safeguard your confidential documents.

    • Digital Transformation: Eliminate physical fax machines, reducing office clutter and maintenance costs, contributing to a greener, more environmentally friendly workspace.

    • Online Portal Access: Manage your faxes efficiently through a dedicated online portal, enhancing control over your fax communications.

    • Fax Enable/Fax Adaptor Capability: Easily integrate with your existing systems using our fax adaptor, providing flexibility and ease of use.

    • Dedicated Fax Number: Includes one local or toll-free number, streamlining your setup and enhancing your business's professional image.

    • Customizable Features: Customize permission settings for users and create a custom-branded cover page, aligning with your brand identity and administrative needs.

    • Advanced Call Detection: Automatically detects voice or fax on incoming calls, ensuring seamless communication handling.

    • Geo-Redundant: Our service infrastructure is geo-redundant, offering enhanced reliability and uptime for your critical communications.

    • Cost-Effective Overages: Overages are affordably priced at $0.04 per page, allowing you to manage costs effectively during peak periods.

    Our Enhanced Standard Pro vFAX 300 service is more than just a fax solution; it’s a step towards modernizing your communication methods while keeping operations simple and cost-effective. Embrace the ease and efficiency of managing your fax communication digitally with our upgraded service. It's time to streamline your workflow and move forward with a solution that understands and meets your specific faxing needs.

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