Yealink MSpeaker II

Generation 2 Speaker Bar. Optimal Sound Solution for Video Conferencing Rooms

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    Yealink MSpeaker II: Optimal Sound Solution for Video Conferencing Rooms

    The Yealink MSpeaker II is a meticulously designed audio device tailored for video conferencing rooms, aimed at delivering superior sound quality in meeting environments. It is an ideal choice for medium to large-sized meeting rooms, ensuring that every word is heard clearly and distinctly.

    Key Components:

    Dual Built-in Speakers for Powerful Output

    The MSpeaker II comes equipped with two integrated speakers, providing a robust and powerful sound output. This feature ensures that the audio covers the entirety of medium to even large-sized meeting rooms, offering an evenly distributed and immersive sound experience.

    Advanced Audio Technology

    Working in synergy with Yealink microphones and the cutting-edge Yealink Noise Proof Technology, the MSpeaker II delivers a crystal-clear and vivid audio experience. This technology effectively minimizes background noise, ensuring that the focus remains on the spoken words, enhancing communication clarity in meetings.

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support for Easy Deployment

    The MSpeaker II supports PoE, which simplifies the installation process significantly. This functionality allows for the power supply, audio data transmission, and signal control to be unified into a single cable solution, greatly reducing the complexity of installation procedures and associated costs.

    Compatibility with Various Conferencing Solutions

    To ensure broad compatibility with a range of video conferencing systems, the MSpeaker II includes a 3.5mm AUX input. This feature allows it to be easily integrated with different conferencing technologies, making it a versatile choice for various meeting room setups.

    Stereo Sound Quality

    The stereo speakers of the MSpeaker II are designed to deliver a rich and dynamic audio experience. This stereo quality adds depth to the sound, making conversations more natural and engaging.

    Optimized Frequency Response and Volume

    The MSpeaker II boasts a frequency response range of 100Hz to 20KHz, capturing a wide spectrum of sound frequencies. Additionally, the speaker volume is finely tuned, with a sensitivity of 89±2dB SPL at ½m, ensuring optimal loudness without distortion.

    High RMS Power

    With an RMS power of 10W, the MSpeaker II is capable of delivering strong and consistent audio output, suitable for the demands of professional conferencing environments.

    In summary, the Yealink MSpeaker II is a top-tier audio solution for video conferencing rooms of various sizes. Its dual-speaker system, combined with advanced noise-proof technology and PoE support, offers a seamless and high-quality sound experience. The device's compatibility with multiple conferencing solutions and its robust build quality make it an excellent investment for businesses seeking to enhance their audio conferencing capabilities.

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