Grandstream GBX20 (GRA-GBX20)

Enhanced call management, 160 contact capacity, seamless Grandstream integration.

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    Grandstream GBX20

    The GBX20 Extension Module is a robust add-on unit designed to heighten the functionality, versatility, and flexibility of Grandstream’s esteemed GRP2615 Carrier-Grade IP Phone and GXV3350 IP Video Phone. This module is a boon for businesses, especially for receptionists handling a high volume of calls, ensuring optimal productivity by proficiently monitoring and managing incoming calls.

    Here's a closer look at the core features of the GBX20 Extension Module:


    • Boasts a 4.3-inch TFT color LCD with a resolution of 272x480, offering a clear and vibrant display that eases the monitoring and handling of contacts and calls.


    • The module allows for 20 contacts per page, with each module containing 2 pages. This means you can manage up to 40 contacts per module.
    • Have a larger contact list? No worries. You can daisy-chain up to 4 modules to handle a whopping 160 contacts or extensions.

    Advanced Call Features:

    • Supports an array of sophisticated call features such as BLF (Busy Lamp Field), call park/pick-up, speed-dial, presence, intercom, voice conferencing, transfer, forward, and many more. These features are invaluable in ensuring smooth and effective communication within and outside your organization.

    Enhanced Productivity:

    • Especially beneficial for reception areas managing high call volumes, the GBX20 is designed to bolster productivity. It allows for efficient monitoring, dispatching, and managing of incoming calls, ensuring that no call goes unanswered.
    • The ability to have up to 160 contacts or extensions at your fingertips means that managing communications, even in a bustling business environment, becomes a breeze.

    Ease of Integration:

    • Integrating the GBX20 with your existing Grandstream GRP2615 or GXV3350 is straightforward, ensuring you can quickly enhance your telephony setup without any fuss.

    Aesthetic and Functional Design:

    • The GBX20 isn’t just about functionality; it also boasts a sleek design that will seamlessly blend with your existing Grandstream devices. The clear, color display ensures that you can quickly identify and manage your contacts, enhancing your communication experience.

    In a nutshell, the GBX20 Extension Module is a powerful tool for any business looking to upgrade its communication infrastructure, ensuring that managing high call volumes is efficient and hassle-free. The combination of a clear display, extended contact capacity, and a suite of advanced call features makes the GBX20 a valuable addition to your Grandstream phone system.

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