Yealink AV-HUB

AVHub Meeting AV Processor, includes CAT5E cable

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    Yealink AVHub: The Ultimate Meeting Audio and Video Processor for Large Conference Environments

    The Yealink AVHub stands as a state-of-the-art audio and video processor, specifically engineered to enhance the functionality and efficiency of large to extra-large conference rooms and fields. This device is a pivotal element for modern conferencing, ensuring high-quality, seamless audio-visual interactions.

    Key Components:

    Multi-Camera, Multi-Microphone, and Multi-Speaker Support

    AVHub supports an extensive array of cameras, microphones, and speakers. This multi-faceted support facilitates comprehensive coverage of large conference spaces, ensuring that every participant, whether in the room or joining remotely, experiences clear audio and visual communication.

    Advanced Audio and Video Processing

    By integrating advanced audio and video processing capabilities, AVHub significantly enhances PC performance. This improvement is crucial in managing the demands of high-definition audio-visual data in large meeting environments.

    Efficient Connectivity and Simplified Management

    Cameras, microphones, and speakers can be directly connected to the AVHub via network cables with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. This feature simplifies the wiring process and enables centralized management of video and audio equipment, making it easier to maintain and adjust settings as needed.

    Flexible Camera Layout Adjustment

    With the Yealink plug-in, users can effortlessly adjust the camera layout before or even during MTR (Microsoft Teams Rooms) meetings. This flexibility allows for optimal visual engagement with participants, adapting to the specific needs of each meeting.

    Multi-Camera Solution with Customized Layouts

    AVHub’s multi-camera solution permits the simultaneous use of multiple cameras in a single room. This functionality enhances participant capture and provides diverse room views. Users can select different tracking modes for each camera, while remote attendees benefit from viewing these multiple video feeds in a customized layout, ideal for varied industrial scenarios.

    AI-Enabled Chipset for Scalability and Future Applications

    The inclusion of a powerful AI-enabled chipset in the AVHub opens up a realm of possibilities for future applications. This includes advanced features like 'together mode' in Microsoft Teams, highlighting the system’s adaptability and forward-thinking design. Additionally, the AVHub's direct audio and video processing capabilities significantly reduce the workload on the Mcore, further optimizing system performance.

    In conclusion, the Yealink AVHub is an indispensable tool for enhancing audio and video quality in large-scale conference settings. Its support for multiple devices, combined with advanced processing capabilities and AI-driven scalability, makes it a future-proof investment for businesses looking to elevate their conferencing experience. Whether for corporate meetings, educational sessions, or large-scale presentations, the AVHub ensures that every interaction is clear, engaging, and professionally delivered.

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