Yealink A20-010

All-in-One Android Collaboration Video Bar for Small Rooms -
includes VCR20 Teams remote control no touch panel

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    Yealink MeetingBar A20-020: The Ultimate Collaboration Bar for Small and Huddle Rooms

    The Yealink MeetingBar A20-020 is a trailblazing collaboration bar, expertly designed for small and huddle rooms. It stands out as a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for superior video and audio conferencing.

    Key Components:

    High-Quality Imaging with 20MP Camera and Wide-Angle Lens

    The A20 features a 20MP camera paired with a 133° super wide-angle lens. This combination ensures outstanding video quality, capturing every participant in the room with exceptional clarity and detail.

    Intelligent AI Technologies for a Smarter Experience

    Equipped with advanced AI technologies, including Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, the A20 offers a smarter and safer video conferencing experience. The electric lens cap enhances privacy and security when the camera is not in use.

    Superior Audio with 8 MEMS Microphone Arrays

    The inclusion of 8 MEMS microphone arrays, along with Yealink's renowned noise-proof technology, provides an excellent audio experience. This setup ensures crystal-clear sound quality in full-duplex mode, making sure everyone in the room can be heard clearly.

    All-In-One Design for Simple Deployment

    The A20 combines a computing unit, camera, microphones, speaker, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth into a single device. This all-in-one design simplifies deployment, making it an ideal choice for rooms where space and simplicity are key.

    Seamless Integration with Major Cloud Video Platforms

    With native support for popular cloud video platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the A20 eliminates the need for an external PC or Mac. This feature streamlines the setup process and enhances the user experience.

    Enhanced Collaboration with Content Sharing and Whiteboard

    The A20 is not just about video and audio quality; it also supports content sharing and includes a whiteboard feature. These functionalities make meetings more interactive, communicative, and collaborative.

    Device Mode Ready with Wireless BYOD Support

    The A20’s device mode, complemented by the Wireless BYOD feature of WPP30, allows for effortless content sharing and collaboration from personal devices.

    Powerful Performance with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chipset

    At its core, the A20 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, ensuring smooth, reliable, and high-performance operation.

    Elevate Zoom Meetings: Yealink MeetingBar A20 & A30

    Upgrade your Zoom calls with the Yealink MeetingBar A20 and A30 models.

    Experience unparalleled audio and video quality, thanks to AI-driven technology. These devices promise a smoother, more engaging meeting experience, making remote communication feel more connected.

     Perfect for any setting, watch now to see how Yealink transforms your virtual meetings.

    Meet the Future: Yealink MeetingBar A20

    Discover how Yealink is transforming meetings with the MeetingBar A20 - your key to simple, smart, and sustainable conferencing. This all-in-one solution brings AI-driven audio and video technology for near face-to-face collaboration. 

    Features like a human motion sensor, CTP18 touch console, WPP20 for wireless sharing, and dual-screen support enhance your meeting experience. Compatible with USB BYOD, RoomPanel, and extended microphones, the MeetingBar A20 opens up a world of possibilities for the modern workplace. Dive in to see the future of effective meetings.

    Additional Advanced Features:

    133° Super Field of View: Captures more of the room in high detail.
    Electric Privacy Shutter: Offers security when the camera is not in use.
    Dual-Screen Support: Expands visual real estate for more effective presentations.
    Built-in Bluetooth and Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Ensures easy connectivity with various devices.

    In summary, the Yealink MeetingBar A20-020 is a versatile and powerful collaboration tool for small and huddle rooms. Its combination of high-quality imaging, advanced AI features, superior audio capabilities, and all-in-one design makes it a standout choice for businesses seeking a simple, flexible, yet powerful video conferencing solution. The A20's ability to integrate seamlessly with major cloud platforms and its added features for collaboration make it an essential tool for modern, effective, and engaging meetings.

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