Poly EDGE E300 IP Phone (2200-87815-025)


Advanced, user-friendly Poly Edge E300 IP Phone, POE-Enabled.

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    Introducing the Poly Edge E300 IP Phone - a POE-Enabled Communication Powerhouse

    The Poly Edge E300 IP Phone, boasting a POE (Power Over Ethernet) capability, is a meticulously crafted device that stands as an epitome of technological advancement infused with user-centric design. Its remarkable features are tailored to meet the demands of modern-day communication in a professional setting. Here’s a dive into the technical details that make this device a remarkable addition to any workspace:

    Vibrant Display:

    • The phone sports a 3.5-inch Color IPS LCD, presenting a vivid display that is clear, sharp, and makes interaction a pleasing experience.

    Unmatched Audio Quality:

    • Equipped with Poly HD Voice, the E300 ensures every conversation is crystal clear.
    • Features like Poly Acoustic Clarity technology facilitate full-duplex conversations, acoustic echo cancellation, and background noise suppression, ensuring your calls are crisp and clear even in noisy environments.
    • With Poly Acoustic Fence technology, say goodbye to background interruptions when using a handset or wired headset.
    • The Poly NoiseBlockAI technology steps it up a notch by eliminating most background noise when utilizing the speakerphone, making your calls professional and distraction-free.

    Wide Range of Audio Codecs:

    • Supports multiple audio codecs including G.711, G.722, G.729AB, iLBC, OPUS, and G.722.1, providing flexibility and ensuring compatibility with various systems.

    VoIP Capabilities:

    • The phone comes with 8 line keys, supporting up to 32 SIP lines with pagination, broadening your communication scope significantly.

    Connectivity Ports:

    • Comes with a USB 2.0 Type-C port for media and storage applications, and two RJ-45 ports for fast and reliable network connectivity.
    • For those who prefer headsets, it provides an RJ-9 port and an Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) port for optional APP-51 adapter.

    Headset and Handset Compatibility:

    • Compatible with a range of commercially available TTY adapter equipment.
    • Compliant with various standards ensuring hearing aid compatibility and support for USB Type-C headsets.

    Supported Network Protocols:

    • Supports a wide array of network protocols ensuring smooth and reliable network connectivity and setup.

    Special Features:

    • Unicode UTF-8 character support, adjustable desk stand with 2 positions, and wall mountable feature for flexible installation.
    • Security is a priority with features like 802.1X Authentication, EAPOL Media encryption via SRTP, and many more, ensuring your communication remains secure.

    Warranty and Packaging:

    • Comes with a standard one-year limited warranty from Poly.
    • The box includes a setup sheet, network (LAN) cable-CAT-5E, desk stand, console with Microban Antimicrobial protection, handset with Microban Antimicrobial protection, and a handset cord.

    Manufacturer Product Number:

    • The product is recognized by the manufacturer product number 2200-87815-025.

    The Poly Edge E300 IP Phone is not just a device; it's a companion that enhances your communication, ensures your conversations are professional, and adapts to the modern needs of a dynamic workspace. Invest in the Poly Edge E300 IP Phone, and experience seamless, high-quality, and reliable communication like never before.

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