Poly EDGE E (2200-49925-001)


Universal Power Supply for EDGE E100-450, CCX 350, EM60. 1-pack, 5V, 3A, NA and Japan power plug.

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    The Poly EDGE Power Supply (Model number: 2200-49925-001) is a vital accessory designed to keep your Poly EDGE and other specified Polycom products powered up and functioning optimally. This unit is particularly compatible with EDGE E100-450 series, CCX 350, and EM60, providing a reliable power source to ensure uninterrupted operation of your communications equipment.

    With an output specification of 5 Volts at 3 Amps, this power supply is crafted to deliver the necessary power required for the efficient operation of your devices. The unit comes in a 1-pack configuration, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for individual device power needs.

    Additionally, this universal power supply is equipped with power plugs suitable for use in North America and Japan, broadening its usability across different geographic locations. The inclusion of these region-specific power plugs makes the setup straightforward, eliminating the need for additional adapters, and ensuring a secure and correct connection to the power source.

    Whether in a corporate office, a home office, or in different locations across North America and Japan, having a dedicated power supply like the Poly EDGE Power Supply is crucial for maintaining the functionality and reliability of your Polycom communication devices. This power supply unit is a small but significant investment towards ensuring that your communication equipment remains powered, ready, and available for use whenever needed.

    In conclusion, the Poly EDGE Power Supply is a simple yet essential accessory that provides a steady and reliable power source, ensuring that your Polycom devices, including the EDGE E100-450 series, CCX 350, and EM60, continue to operate efficiently, keeping you connected at all times.

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