POLY EDGE B30 IP Phone (2200-49825-025)


Affordable, stylish Poly Edge B30 PoE, professional business features.

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    Stylish, Efficient, and Affordable - The Poly Edge B30 PoE IP Phone

    The Poly Edge B30 PoE IP Phone is a sleek, stylish, and efficient telephony solution that is pocket-friendly while not compromising on professional business features. Crafted for any scale of business or service provider, this Gigabit phone can handle up to 4 line keys, ensuring seamless communication in a busy work environment.

    Key Features:

    • HD Voice Quality: Experience crisp, clear, and rich audio quality thanks to Poly HD Voice technology, ensuring every conversation is heard with utmost clarity.

    • Noise Cancellation: With Poly Acoustic Fence technology, say goodbye to background noise and enjoy distraction-free calls, a must-have for bustling office environments.

    • Ease of Use: The intuitive design comes with illuminated mute, headset, and speaker buttons, alongside a Lightbar status indicator, making operations straightforward even for the non-tech-savvy user.

    • Power Over Ethernet (PoE): Enjoy the simplicity and clutter-free setup with PoE support. (Note: Power Supply Unit is not included)

    • 5-way Local Audio Conferencing: Instantly loop in teammates with the 5-way local audio conferencing feature, making collaboration effortless and quick.

    • Headset Compatibility: The phone offers more headset options with both RJ9 and 3.5 mm headset ports, catering to varied user preferences.

    • Hand-free Speakerphone: More productive calls are now possible with a hands-free speakerphone that boasts of proven acoustic echo cancellation and background noise suppression technology.

    • Easy Installation: Whether you prefer it on the desk or the wall, installation is a breeze with a 2-position desk stand and included wall mount hardware.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Model: Polycom Poly Edge B30
    • Line Keys: 4 (16 lines supported)
    • Ethernet: GigE (PoE)
    • Audio Features: Poly HD Voice, Poly Acoustic Fence technology
    • Other Features: Illuminated buttons, Lightbar status indicator, 5-way local audio conferencing, Two-position desk stand, Wall mount hardware included

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