​Yealink WH63-UC (1308009)


Yealink WH63 UC: Convertible, lightweight DECT headset, clear audio, seamless UC platform, and IP phone integration.

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    Yealink WH63 UC Wireless Headset

    Introducing the Yealink WH63 UC Wireless Headset, a remarkable entry-level convertible DECT wireless headset, designed to harmonize effortlessly with major UC platforms as well as natively integrate with Yealink IP Phones. This headset is engineered to deliver a superior sound experience, thanks to Yealink's Super Wideband HD Audio Technology and Acoustic Shield Technology. These technologies ensure that every word is heard clearly on both ends during phone calls and video conferencing sessions, regardless of background noise.

    One of the standout features of the WH63 UC Wireless Headset is its touch control. With a simple finger touch, you can manage your calls effortlessly. Moreover, its lightweight design, weighing just 19g, ensures you can comfortably wear it throughout your workday without feeling weighed down. This convertible headset is crafted for uninterrupted communication, making it a stellar choice for a bustling work environment.

    Core Features:

    • USB Connection: Connect seamlessly to your PC or IP phone via USB, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
    • Ringer on the Base: Never miss a call with the ringer feature on the base, alerting you of incoming calls.
    • Supports Busylight: With the integrated busylight, signal to others when you are on a call and avoid interruptions.
    • Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology: This technology minimizes background noise, ensuring a clear audio experience.
    • Extended Talking Time: Enjoy up to 8 hours of talking time, ample for a full workday.
    • Impressive Wireless Range: Roam freely with a wireless range of up to 120m, offering flexibility as you move around your workspace.

    General Features:

    • Five Feature Buttons: Access essential call functions easily with five dedicated feature buttons.
    • Two Micro USB 2.0 Ports: Provides additional connectivity options.
    • USB Connectivity to PC and IP Phone: Ensures a smooth connection to various devices.
    • Integrated Busylight LED Indicator: The built-in busylight LED indicator is perfect for signaling your availability.
    • Charging Stand (for Headset): Keep your headset powered up with the convenient charging stand, ensuring it's always ready for use.

    The Yealink WH63 UC Wireless Headset is more than just a headset; it's a comprehensive communication solution packaged in a sleek, user-friendly design. Whether you're chatting with colleagues or engaged in client calls, the WH63 UC Wireless Headset elevates your communication experience, making every interaction crisp, clear, and professional.

    Compatible with the Yealink EHS35 wireless headset adapter.

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