Hosted PBX Business Phone Features

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  • Here are some of the many available features:
  • Unified Communications
  • Hosted PBX.
  • Video Conferencing.
  • Web Conferencing.
  • Unlimited IVRs (Interactive Voice Response). This allows you to have a recording available so that your customers can choose options before they ever talk to an employee. You can also have different IVR messages for times when your office is closed or during holidays.
  • Voice & fax encryption, especially for those in privacy-sensitive environments such as healthcare, finance, legal, and retail where patient information, legal details, and credit card numbers are regularly transmitted via telephone.
  • Music/Marketing on hold. You can have a customized message that plays when your customers are on hold in order to market to them while they wait for you to come back online. Great for seasonal or special marketing messages. Easy to upload and change.
  • Assign incoming calls to ring multiple extensions in hunt groups.
  • Call waiting (allows a user to have multiple calls on the go at the same time).
  • Call forwarding (allow you to forward calls at any time to another number).
  • Transfer (allows you to transfer calls between extensions and even outside numbers).
  • Dial by name directory (allows users to find employees by using a dial by name directory).
  • Softphones (allows you to use a computer, tablet, or application on a smart phone instead of an actual hard phone) The ability to use your smart phone so that it becomes an extension off of your phone system. Use a Softphone on your PC so that when traveling you can use your PC as an extension to avoid costly cell phone roaming charges.
  • Toll-free numbers (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833).
  • Vanity numbers (833-VoIP-INT).
  • Conference Calling (allows you to have multiple callers on a single call).
  • Intercom/Paging (allows you to call all phones for general announcements or call a specific phone).
  • After hours message or forwarding.
  • Find Me/Follow Me (allows a call to forwarded to another number if it goes un-answered after a specific number of rings).
  • Simultaneous ring allows incoming calls to ring on your extension and cell phone at the same time so you never miss a call.
  • Unlimited Voicemail - Voice mails can be delivered as e-mail to your computer or smart phone so that you do not have to dial into the voice mail system. This means you can receive voice mails anywhere.
  • V-Fax Service - Keep your fax machine to send if you want and still get all faxes by email. V-fax service is available which will cut down on paper usage as incoming faxes will be delivered to a mailbox(es) that you designate. Keep your fax machine option with our fax enable device.
  • Voicemail to e-mail (allows your voice mail to be sent as an attachment and thus can be played on your computer or smartphone).
  • Call recording (allows either all calls or selected calls to be recorded and played back).
  • Enhanced 911 (required and included on all outgoing DIDs).
  • Blocking of dialing of certain outgoing numbers (976 etc.). Blocking of incoming calls (based on phone number).
  • Availability of DIDs (phone numbers) in other cities, states or countries (Allows you to have a presence in other physical locations).
  • Calls between extensions are always free so that if you are traveling and use your smart phone or PC you can talk to the office at no cost. Extensions can be added for remote offices or home-based employees in any location and calls between locations will be made at no cost.
  • No large capital outlay for a new phone system, which will save your company several thousands of dollars.
  • No upgrading of your phone system is required as your business grows. Simply add phones to your system. Adding a phone it is simple as calling us, telling us how many phones you wish to add and the name you wish to have displayed on the phone. We will program a new phone ship it to you, plug it into an existing network connection and it will instantly be ready to use.
  • No expensive service calls. All service is done free of charge by us and can usually be accomplished without visiting your office.
  • Access to an online web portal to view call details, review your bill, make payments online, and implement modifications to the phone system. If you wish, you can always contact one of our tech support representatives and they will make any changes for you free of charge.
  • We can perform a free analysis of your network and can make recommendations for your IT & Internet services if needed.
  • We can also offer circuit monitoring and easily work with your current IT & Internet provider.
  • We are a “hands on” provider and are dedicated to making sure your phone system is working smoothly.
  • Ask how we can integrate your CRM to your phone system.
  • Find out about our Contact Center management solution.
  • Let's customize a solution for your industry and find out how we can use all available features to improve your business communications with the world.


    3CX Pro Upgrade

    Leapfrog the Competition with 3CX Phone System Pro!

     Boost your company’s sales, increase your employee’s productivity even further and provide better customer service than your competitors with 3CX Phone System Pro!

    The Pro edition includes all the award-winning features of the Standard Phone System edition but also adds fantastic advanced call features that are geared to stepping up your customer service and ensuring your company stays ahead of the competition.

    Advanced Call Features:

    • Never miss a call! Your customers can hang up and still retain their position in the queue. They’re automatically called back they reach the top of the queue.

    • Review how long your customers have waited in a queue before your employees took the call and see the amount of answered and unanswered calls.

    • Improve customer service by screening calls with the Listen In, Listen In and Whisper and Barge In feature. Massively increase your employee’s productivity by providing advanced call features such as real-time call statistics, wallboards, SLA alerts, a selection of queues and more! The Pro edition also includes seamless Microsoft Exchange Phone book and IVR integration.

    Phone System Pro Key Features:

    • Monitor the status of queues by seeing how many callers are in the queue.

    • Log staff in and out of queues.

    • Review the time your staff logged in and out of queues.

    • Wallboards - Display real-time queue and call statistics directly on a monitor.

    • Additional queue strategies include:

    o Round Robin

    o Longest Waiting

    o Least Talk Time

    o Fewest Answered

    o Hunt by Threes - Random

    o Hunt by Threes - Prioritised

    • Get instantly notified when callers have been in a queue beyond the set SLA time.

    • Meet your customer service requirements by viewing all call events.

    Key PBX Features:

    • Integrate Microsoft Exchange 2012 Server's Unified Messaging with 3CX Phone System for its voicemail and IVR.

    • Integrate your Microsoft Exchange 2012 phone book.

    • View remote 3CX installs and see the presence of your colleagues in other office from around the world.

    Upgrade to 3CX Phone System Pro Today!