Polycom OBi300

Polycom OBi300


1 line VoIP adapter connects home office analog phones to the digital voice communications world.


POLYCOM – Obihai OBi300


Polycom OBi300 expands your service portfolio by enhancing the communication possibilities of home offices with flexibility in voice and fax applications as they transition to the digital communications world. Home offices can maximize their current investment by keepimg their analog phone or fax machine plus experience the new capabilities of up to four VoIP services. This dedicated device ensures your customer can clearly hear every important word or send and receive reliable facsimile calls over the Internet.


Polycom OBi300 is never tied to any inconvenient Ethernet port location. It can be placed anywhere within range of a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, 802.11ac wireless access point when used with the Polycom USB WiFi adapter. Similarly, the USB Bluetooth adapter pairs a user’s mobile phone or Bluetooth audio headset so they can place and answer calls using their mobile service via analog phones.


Polycom’s OBiTALK device management portal will help you save time and hassle by configuring the device without laying a finger on it. This secure service lets you provision the device to meet your customer specifications or update them from anyplace with a connection to the Internet. Provide best in class support to your customers by quickly identifying issues and remotely troubleshooting devices.


The Polycom OBiTALK portal is a reliable, secure, cloud-based, out-of-band management interface designed for massive scale zero-touch device bootstrapping, configuration customization, and provisioning. Polycom OBiTALK also provides for in-service device management and troubleshooting, with functionality including device logging, packet capture, call QoS and statistics reporting.




  • Expand your service portfolio by offering flexible voice and fax applications to home offices
  • Easily configure devices and provide better on-going support through the secure Polycom OBiTALK device management portal
  • The only VoIP adapter that supports optional WiFi accessory to expand phone placement locations
  • Connect up to 1 analog phone or fax machine to transition voice communications to the digital world