AudioCodes Fax ATA MP-202B

AudioCodes Fax ATA MP-202B


AudioCodes Expands Fax Machine Connectivity to VoIP and Fax Service Providers, Business Fax Servers and Enterprise VoIP Solutions.


AudioCodes Fax ATA (HTTPS Fax Enabled MP-202B ATA)

The AudioCodes Fax ATA is an enhanced HTTPS Fax Enabled version of the standard MP-202B ATA. An analog based fax machine and telephone adapter that allows users to connect fax machines to cloud based fax service providers such as vFax in addition to premise-based fax servers. Additionally supports standard SIP based voice connections and fax Call Ahead features.

Note: Each AudioCodes Fax ATA requires a dedicated vFax account. Multiple Fax ATA’s cannot be used with a single account..

Audiocodes MP202B HTTPSFAX Overview

The HTTPS Fax Enabled version of the MP-20x series allows fax machine connections to existing fax deployments that support HTTPS based fax connections.

  • • All Fax Machines and Multi-function Printers (MFPs) that support analog fax connections
  • • Support for both fax and voice on Voice over Broadband (VoBB) connections
  • • Satellite, Cellular and WiFi VoIP connections
  • • Premise-based fax servers
  • • Dedicated fax service providers

Audiocodes MP-202B HTTPSFAX Features

  • 2 FXS ports for connecting POTS phones or fax machines
  • One WAN port
  • One LAN port
  • Bridge mode or full router functionality with DHCP, NAT, Firewall and configurable routing logic
  • Premium voice quality:
    • Prioritization of voice over data traffic ensuring voice quality
    • Based on AudioCodes’ robust, 3rd generation VoIPerfect technology
    • Dual core architecture ensures voice quality is maintained even during high CPU load