Hurricane Preparedness

During this busy time in the South East with hurricanes and storms it is important to know the tools available and how to use them to keep your business running during any event.

Our customer support team is ready to assist you in setting any of these up.

We have a cell phone app that allows you to have your extension on your cell phone using 4G or WiFi however during a storm cell towers may be affected and cause issues using this method. If you already have an auto attendant there is a very simple way for you to add a message at the beginning of it without affecting the regular recording this could be a message to let your customers know that due to the storm there may be a delay in their call being answered or that your are currently closed. We can setup call forwarding to another number and even automatically set this so in the event your phone goes offline for power or internet outage then the calls will automatically be transferred.

Contact customer support TODAY dont wait until its too late and we will assist you in setting any or all of these features up.