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Call Center Features

VoIP International  offers advanced call center management features designed to optimize customer service, improve agent performance, and enhance overall call center efficiency. Here's how VoIP International can help their customers with the following features:

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Integrated Wallboard for real-time monitoring  

VoIP International's integrated wallboard allows call center managers to monitor call queues in real-time, providing insights into agent performance, call volume, and wait times. This real-time visibility ensures efficient call handling and helps managers make informed decisions to optimize resources.

Detailed reports of longest wait time and abandoned calls  

VoIP International's reporting features provide insights into crucial call center metrics, such as the longest wait time and the number of abandoned calls. These detailed reports enable managers to identify bottlenecks, evaluate agent performance, and implement strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

SLA and Callback Statistics

VoIP International's solution offers SLA (Service Level Agreement) and callback statistics, allowing managers to track and analyze key performance indicators and ensure the call center meets its service level targets.

Call Back option for customers not willing to wait  

The call-back feature allows customers who are not willing to wait in the queue to request a call-back, ensuring that not a single call is lost and improving customer satisfaction.

Log agents in and out of queues  

VoIP International's call center solution enables managers to log agents in and out of queues, optimizing agent allocation and ensuring efficient call handling.

Round Robin, Hunt by Threes Random & Prioritized  

These call distribution strategies ensure that incoming calls are routed efficiently among available agents, reducing wait times and improving customer service.

Call Back – callers can hang up and keep their position  

This feature allows customers to hang up and maintain their position in the queue. They will receive a callback when an agent becomes available, reducing customer frustration and enhancing their experience.

Listen in allows you to listen to a call without the caller or agent knowing  

The Listen-in feature enables managers to monitor agent-caller interactions discreetly, providing valuable insights into agent performance and ensuring quality customer service.


With the Whisper feature, managers can train and coach new agents during live calls without the caller ever hearing the conversation. This real-time coaching helps agents improve their skills and deliver better customer service.


Barge in

If an agent is struggling with a call or making a mistake, the Barge in feature allows managers to take over the call and resolve the issue promptly, ensuring a positive customer experience.

VoIP International Call Center

By implementing these advanced call center management features, VoIP International helps businesses optimize their call center operations, improve agent performance, and deliver exceptional customer service.

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